Our Vision

To become a vehicle for an interconnected lifeline to the hungry and an essential community asset.

Our Mission

Harnessing harvest failures, Post-harvest loss and Product disposal through, Expiration, over production, Damage /Marketing and other business decisions.

Core Values


Treating others with respect, fairness and an understanding of our differences


Serving the community in a responsible manner, using resources wisely and acting with integrity


Delivering programs and services efficiently, ensuring access to food, reducing post-harvest loss and other resources for people in need, even in the face of a changing environment and food security.


Encouraging teamwork, cooperation and community partnerships, as well as a powerful voice in driving policy decisions that impact the food security of individuals and communities.


To operate Haba na Haba as efficiently as possible and build on-going support for all of our programs by attracting new donors, new volunteers and advocates to our cause, even as we deepen the commitment of our current supporters.

Our Causes


Carrying  out and promoting  both environmental improvement and practical conservation, to educate, encourage and support the local community in environmental practice by working with statutory and non-statutory agencies for building public awareness about hunger and its solutions

Climate change

Strengthening the climate change preparedness capacity of the local community to efficiently and effectively promote and implement community based mitigation and adaptation activities and become a vehicle for, as well as a powerful voice in driving business models and policy decisions that impact the food security of individuals and communities


Promoting warehousing – advance technical capabilities and transportation systems, to manage post-harvest loss, damage /Marketing and other business decisions.